To teach is to feed the student, and to feed yourself. It is a two-way process that has always inspired me. I love enabling students to be able to communicate through their playing. To be able to master a piece technically is a vital part of performance. If you can also express what you want to say using a wide variety of tone colour and sound quality in your playing, you can perhaps transcend what can be said in words. As a teacher, I see my most important role as enabling the student to have the tools to express themselves in this way.

Having studied at the Royal Academy of Music as a violin scholar, Susan became the youngest violin professor in their Junior Department and has since been awarded an ARAM for outstanding services to the violin profession.

Susan has been employed by the Anglo American Educational services to teach students from the USA, and has taught students from Northern Spain. She has also been invited to teach students from Oxford, Cambridge, York, Kings and Birmingham universities.

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