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Festival Experience 

Susan comes to the Federation with a wealth of experience as well as warmth and an engaging and encouraging personality. It is very rare for an applicant to be invited to join the Federation directly after an Assessment Day, and this is in recognition of the strength of her application and her performance on the day. Susan’s quality shone through. It was a real and rare pleasure to appoint her to the Federation as an adjudicator with immediate effect.

Adrian Goss
Chair of the Adjudicators Council
The British and International Federation of Music Festivals


Susan’s energy and enthusiasm, together with her insight into ways to improve technique made everyone feel more confident in their ability to progress further with their playing. We hope she will return to adjudicate for us in the near future.

Jean Fitkin – Basingstoke Music Festival Secretary – String Section

Susan, thank you so much for coming to Watford Music Festival and for doing such a magnificent job of adjudicating all the string performers. You are so knowledgeable, and your enthusiasm is infectious. You are incredibly flexible and such a joy to work with. All the performers have benefited from your feedback. Thank you for making the festival so enjoyable! I do hope you will come back and adjudicate for us again soon.

Sallie Goldsmith – Watford Music Festival Secretary – Strings Section

In 2013 Susan Collier brought her wealth of performing and teaching experience to our festival and delivered it with clarity, imagination and kindness. Participants at all levels were pleased to receive her guidance, tailored to their individual needs. Several asked if she would be back next year!

Susan, thank you again for being so wonderful – the compliments are pouring in from all sides about how lovely you are and what a great day it was for the children. Here are some of the comments:

‘I think today was wonderful – so encouraging to all and I know that every individual benefitted from the performing experience and the positive feedback from Susan Collier.’ Parent

‘You probably know how fantastic I thought Susan Collier was as an adjudicator. She was so encouraging to all, but equally gave some very useful ‘thoughts for the future’. She was amazing with all the students.’ Teacher

‘Susan Collier’s adjudication was just the boost my daughter needed, and she feels enormously proud of herself.’ Parent

‘Susan Collier was a wonderful adjudicator and we were very impressed with her appraisals of all the players, not just our daughter.’ Parent

Jia Doulton – Farnham Music Festival Secretary – Strings Section

I was thrilled when Suzie agreed to be the adjudicator for the string section of our young festival.She was very warm, welcoming, encouraging and appreciative of everybody’s efforts and achievements, putting performers and audiences immediately at ease. Her comments were extremely helpful, insightful and inspiring, real treasures for everybody to take home.She has a magical way with the students and is fun too! Thank you so much Suzie for a wonderful day! We very much hope to see you again soon.

Simone Schieber – Berkshire Music & Arts Festival Secretary

It was a pleasure to have Susan Collier as our adjudicator at the 2016 Bromley (Kent) Festival of Music and Speech. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and kept very well to time, which is always appreciated. She proved very popular with students and parents and provided very helpful and valid comments in an easily accessible and non-patronising way. When she adjudicated each class, she invited all the competitors up to the stage, which was a really lovely touch. We have already recommended her to another festival and look forward to welcoming her back in the future.

Juliette Barber, Strings Section Head, Bromley (Kent) Festival of Music and Speech

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