Violinist; teacher; conductor; adjudicator

Susan has a lifelong passion for communication through music. Since the age of three, inspired by her first public performance as a violinist at the Royal College of Music, she has dedicated herself to expertise in performance and direction. Whether as a soloist, conductor, teacher, director, or as part of an orchestra or chamber group, she offers a warmth of artistic interpretation, technical expertise and a unique approach to the emotional and communicative aspects of learning and performing music. She is well-known for the unparalleled energy she brings to all she does and everybody she meets.

A huge amount of Susan’s life is dedicated to listening, exploring and playing music across a wide variety of genres. Having recorded and performed with the Metropole Orkest and the Heritage Orchestra, played with the Watson & Silvestre Trios and Folk-Klezmer-Jazz-Tango band Scaramouche, Susan feels at home in an abundance of musical worlds, whether improvised or notated, and with ensembles large or small. One of her greatest joys is to play with her son, two-time-Grammy-award-winning singer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer, Jacob Collier. She inherited a wealth of knowledge from her violinist parents, and is overjoyed that all three of her children have such a deep love of music.

As a violin scholar at the Royal Academy of Music, Susan graduated and became the youngest violin professor in their Junior Department. She continues to teach there, and also to coach chamber music. In addition to this, Susan teaches students at university level, including Oxbridge and Kings. She also teaches students at Westminster School, and is Head of Strings at Haileybury College. She is an accredited adjudicator for The British and International Federation of Festivals, and is regularly invited to adjudicate festivals around the country. Her premise is simple: to enable each and every student she meets to make a true connection with the music; for them to discover they have the power to find their own answers to the questions they have, and to inspire and guide this process with openness, honesty, wisdom and energy.

Susan been awarded an ARAM for outstanding services to the violin profession.